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The Forge Community Wiki (abbreviated as FCW) is a community wiki about Minecraft Forge, the popular open-source modding API for Minecraft.

It is created as an community-centric and more accessible alternative to the official Forge documentation, which is actively curated by the Minecraft Forge team.


On the September 19, 2020, in the #squirrels channel of the official Forge Project discord, user sciwhiz12 mentioned the idea of creating a wiki for Forge documentation. An official wiki previously existed for Minecraft Forge, however the cost and burden of maintaining such a wiki was too significant on the Minecraft Forge team (which consisted of volunteers), so it was shut down.

Another user, Curle, offered to host a community wiki on their servers, and giving adminship over to sciwhiz12. The community wiki initially started out on the popular wiki engine MediaWiki, but due to certain technical difficulties, the decision was made to move to using a simpler wiki engine: DokuWiki.

On October 16, 2020, the community wiki was officially made publicly open. On October 23, 2020, a regular update to the web server that ran the wiki caused severe technical issues, and the wiki staff decided to move back to using MediaWiki as the wiki engine.


The Forge Community Wiki was created to serve three major purposes:

  1. To collectively keep track of features, changes, updates to Minecraft Forge and vanilla code.
  2. To create and collaborate on articles with in-depth explanations about a variety of Forge-related subjects.
  3. To contribute example code and tutorials for both simple and difficult concepts.