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Tags can be generated by extending the ItemTagsProvider for Items or BlockTagsProvider for Blocks. For Custom Objects you would need to expand TagsProvider and give it the Object you want tags for. For the registration of you Tags you need to override the TagsProvider#addTags method.


You can still use TagsProvider for Items and Blocks but you would need to implement a lot of stuff that is already done in ItemTagsProvider and BlockTagsProvider


First you should make a TagKey with ItemTags#create for Items or BlockTags#create for blocks, this will take the name of you Tag, see Tags#Conventions for more info. After you have the TagKey you can start with the actual creation of the Tag, you would first call TagsProvider#tag which takes the tag as an argument, this returns a TagsProvider$TagAppender. Now you can with TagsProvider$TagAppender#add add one or more Items/Blocks or other Tags to your own Tags.

Example for an Item Tag:

TagKey<Item> copperTag = ItemTags.create(new ResourceLocation("forge", "ore/copper"));

Custom Type for Tags