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Wiki Policy

This Community Wiki is governed by the same principles and follows a similar policy to the official Forge Forums and the official Forge Discord.


The staff is responsible for the whole wiki, and forms policies. The staff is divided into two groups: the Admins and the Mods.

The Admins are responsible for maintaining the site, and enforcing decisions through user rights management. The Mods are responsible for curating the wiki and its contents, and can revert edits and delete pages.

Conflict of Interest

Staff members who are involved in a dispute or conflict may not use their powers to enforce their decision. An uninvolved Admin must be present to make and enforce a decision. If there are no uninvolved Admins, the decision must be made by deliberation of the staff, and this decision is final.

Admin Discretion

Admins may immediately respond and apply any action they deem necessary to any situation not covered under this policy. After any situation in which this policy is applied, Admins may deliberate with the staff to clarify this policy.


If a user is unsatisfied with the decision made by any staff member, they may appeal to an uninvolved Admin, who may either maintain or overturn the decision, or if necessary deliberate with the staff to make a final decision. Any decision made by staff deliberation is final.

Supported Versions

In keeping with the official policy of the Forge project, this wiki will only support and include information relating to the Latest and LTS versions. The currently supported versions are listed on the README of the MinecraftForge repository.


Users who violate this policy will be given an increasing amount of warnings and sanctions. These sanctions are not set in stone; they may vary from case to case, depending on the judgement of the acting Administrator, and the severity of the infraction.

In increasing order of severity, here are the applicable sanctions:

  • Verbal warning
  • Revocation of rights
    • From the involved page/namespace
    • From the site (a.k.a read-only purgatory)
  • Deletion of account
  • IP block