Making Items

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Along with blocks, items are a key component of most mods. While blocks make up the world around you, items are what let you change it.

Creating an Item

Basic Items

Basic items that need no special functionality (think sticks or sugar) don’t need custom classes. You can create an item by instantiating the Item class with an Item$Properties object. This Item$Properties object can be made by calling the constructor and can be customised by calling its methods. For instance:

Method Description
tab Sets which CreativeModeTab (previously called creative tab) this item is under. Must be called if this item is meant to be shown on the creative menu. Vanilla tabs can be found in the class CreativeModeTab.
durability Sets the maximum damage value for this item. If it is greater than 0, the properties damaged and damage are added to keep track of the current ItemStack damage.
stacksTo Sets the maximum stack size. You cannot have an item that is both damagable and stackable.
setNoRepair Makes this item impossible to repair, even if it is damageable.
craftRemainder Sets this item’s container item. For example, milk buckets give you back an empty bucket when they are crafted.

The above methods are chainable, meaning they return this to facilitate calling them in series.

Advanced Items

Setting the properties of an item as above only works for simple items. If you want more complicated items, you should subclass Item and override its methods.

Registering an Item

Items must be registered to function.